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Triplet Bbs — Three Double Broads Arrive In One Day

Tom Kellie

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That 3-42 G looks lovely.



~ Valdair


It is...it truly is.

Unlike almost any other fountain pen I've acquired, it's vastly exceeded my expectations.

From hindsight it's clear that I had no idea whatsoever as to what a magnificent writer it would be.

The ergonomics, the elegant ink flow, the superb feedback — all combine to make a terrific writer.

It's been in use today, correcting graduate student final examinations.

Never once has it skipped, feathered, or in any way been other than optimal.

I find myself smiling, wondering why I never tried a 3-42 G before.

The tiny nib is a reliable BB, consistently laying down a clear live every bit as wide as the two 149 BBs which arrived on the same day.

Based on this experience, I'd strongly recommend considering a broad-nibbed 3-42 G to anyone who especially appreciated a wider, bolder line.

Thank you so much for your kind comment.

Tom K.

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