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Durable Edc Pen Opinions/suggestions?

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Where can I purchase a Rotring 600? I looked them up and they are well over $100 on most sites. I did see one on Amazon, but customer reviews say the that the cap is cheaply made.


You'd be very lucky to find one for less than $60 now, sadly.

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By a mile, the best EDC fountain pen is Parker 51.

Hooded nib may not be to everyones liking but in terms of practicality it surpasses traditional nibs. It is as practical as any rollerball. You can take notes intermittently without the nib drying up all the time. My second favourite is Kaweco Al Sport.

My other EDC pens are Parker Sonnet Flighter, Lamy Al Star, Montblanc M, Pelikan M120 and Pilot Custom Heritage 92, and I like them all but after trying couple hundred pens this two would be my preferred choice. You may look at the disposable pens as well. To my great surprise Pilot Petite 1 and Platinum Preppy have better QC than most fountain pens in $200 to $600 range.

Inked: Sailor King Pro Gear, Sailor Nagasawa Proske, Sailor 1911 Standard, Parker Sonnet Chiselled Carbon, Parker 51, Pilot Custom Heritage 92, Platinum Preppy

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Late in on this topic, but here's my 2 cents:


Retro 51 Tornado: rock solid build quality, great refill and lots of options for different refills. Multiple colors and designs, from boardroom to crazy.


Karas Kustoms Render K: American made, beautiful all metal pen, lots of options and choices. Also there are a bunch of other Karas Kustoms that you could look at: the Bolt, the Retrakt, the EDK. Not affiliated, just a very happy customer.


Hope this helps if you have not already found a solution.



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I suggest getting two pens - one for work and one for the field. The field pen may get a little battered during use and won't look good in the conference room.

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I haven't read every post here, but I'll suggest you some ballpoints that I actually use in the field (I study terrestrial plant ecology).


- Pilot Down Force. Super durable pen that writes well on my rain drenched papers. I clip it to my clipboard and have dropped it numerous times into the stream and on the forest floor, and it's held up! Looks quite nice as well in my opinion. I have the black one with the yellow clicker.

- Parker Jotter for times where I know it won't be as messy out in the field. Looks professional to me as well.

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