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Fountain Pen Smell

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I have a Youth fountain pen (I think it's a Chinese knock off of a Parker pen). Anyway, I use it because it has sentimental value, but lately, and by lately I mean in the past year or so, I've always sensed a strange smell when writing with it.


I wouldn't describe it as a rubber smell, but similar to it. It's that intense that I can smell it while writing (so my head is at least 20cm away from the pen). I think that the ink is smelly as well, but I don't know if it's from the rubber ink container in the pen, or something else.

Does anyone have any remedies for this or should I stop using this pen in public? :D

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Charles Rice

If you are married, give the pen to a brother-in-law.


If not, have a Brandy snifter handy while you write. No, the smell of the Brandy won't cover the foul smell of the pen, but the more Brandy you drink, the less objectionable the smell of the pen.

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Have you changed the ink out? See if the ink takes on the odor. Also try different inks.

If it isn't too bright for you, it isn't bright enough for me.

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I note a smell that might be similar when I use either of my two beloved Parker 51s. No idea why; it doesn't seem to change with different inks, and nor do I notice the smell with other pens. Doesn't really bother me, however.

"The surface is all you've got. You can only get beyond the surface by working with the surface." ~Richard Avedon

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I have a Parker Vacumatic in the old brown and gold sparlky lines design. It smells like pencil shavings from sharpening pencils.

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--Sign in a bar and grill, Ormond Beach, Florida, 1960.



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