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Hello, I'm from the states but lived in France for a while where I first used a FP. Fast-forward 25 years and I was writing on the whiteboard at work and realized how atrocious my handwriting has become! So in my normal fashion, I created a game for myself. I have to write a bit daily and actively try to improve my penmanship. The school part is on hold waiting for the new release of Spencerian Handwriting book which will be my exercises. The quizzes, if you will, are writing letters each week (can't remember the last time I sent a personal letter snail-mail). Since I know myself I already bought the prize (a new camera) which will force me to follow through!


After reading a number of reviews I purchased a Pilot VP, some Tomoe River loose sheet to practice on, and three trial-sized Iroshizulu inks (which I can't remember the names of). I've been very impressed with the community here. The thorough reviews, random swaps, and overall helpful attitudes are what made me want to join.


A few randoms (trying to be funny):

- Greatest new FP user fear: that I won't finish any of the bottles of ink before they expire

- Greatest new FP user hope: to one day write an ink review that is as good as Sandy1's





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Hello and welcome to FPN.

Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous  Who taught by the pen

Taught man that which he knew not (96/3-5)

Snailmail3.png Snail Mail 

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Welcome home. Pull up a stump and set a spell. Worry not about ink expiring. Simply does not happen.


My Website


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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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Welcome to the forum. Excellent choices of ink and the Pilot VP to get started. :)

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Welcome to our little corner of the universe from a pen user in San Diego. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.

"It's funny; in this era of email and voice mail and all those things that I did not even grow up with, a plain old paper letter takes on amazing intimacy."  Elizabeth Kostova





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Sasha Royale

Welcome !


Practice writing by writing. The best writing is done in letters to friends and family. They will derive great pleasure in reading, as you will in writing. Write slowly, while playing your favorite music.

Auf freiem Grund mit freiem Volke stehn.
Zum Augenblicke dürft ich sagen:
Verweile doch, du bist so schön !

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@[everyone] Thank you!


@jar, I will trust your knowledge on this. I was just estimating how long it could take me to finish a bottle. I read, somewhere on here I believe, that people averaged 10-20 pages per capsule/fill which somewhere else I believe i read was 1-1.5ml so I mentally planned (15 * (50/1.25)) = 600 pages per bottle. With my love of colors (and changing them) I tried to estimate how long I would have a bottle before I wrote 600 pages! Assuming my math isn't completely wrong here it makes even the LV ink at $52/bottle start to look reasonable.


@Leewenhoek, I can't take credit for that as I was just following the recommendations/reviews I found here. My next ink purchase is going to be MB Irish Green as I do love a good green.


@Sasha Royale, that is my plan (although I will add the good music part). Although I have to admit that my choice of writing to close friends/family was driven more by the intersection of people who I have topics to write about and the people that have to read the letters no matter how bad they are. :)

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Welcome to the FPN. Hopefully you will enjoy your time here.


Sasha Royal's idea of music is a better one than having the T V on, least you should want to write about President Washington and, with the influence of the T V, you might write Pepsodent Washington instead😊.te he.


All kindling aside, you have an excellent idea of where you want to go with your pen endeavors.


About your " Random Hope & Fear ":


1. Not to worry, with your goal of practice you will finish those bottles and then some.


2. With the way you wrote your Introduction & the verbiage used, any review you might pen will most likely be great.



If your out-go is more than your income,


Then your up-keep.


May be your Down-falll!!!



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@Mr2txaggie - Thanks!


I feel like I'll need some time to to get used to a FP again (be able to understand and make a statement like whether an ink is wet or dry.) Other things I'd want to have for a good review include: a few different types of paper, a second pen for comparison, and ... oh yeah, legible writing! I was overly optimistic about 1/2 a page in that this was going to be easier than I thought. Then I realized that I was resting my wrist on the table. Now my writing is just as shaky as I expected it to me.


Then I'll just need to find an ink that hasn't been reviewed... I haven't had a chance to look through the forum for ink review requests yet. I'm tempted to try the LV Vert Optimiste as I couldn't find a review for that on this site (and greens!) but the few LV reviews I've found ended up being 'nice but not worth the money'. Also, since I did like the look of the MB Irish Green so I'm going to get that and am not sure that I need two greens in the first five colors. >> New FP pen owner problems <<

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