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Konrad Leaking To The Cap


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Hi all!

After reading a lot of review about this Noodler's Konrad, I finally get one recently.


I love writing (and fixing) with this pen. But i notice the pen is leaking ink to the cap when I don't use it. A full filled pen would only leave one drop of ink overnight, although it doesn't leak any when I'm writing. I found this is a quite common issue with this pen but I couldn't fix it after heat-setting, tuning and resembling the pen. I wonder is it because there is a space between the nib and grip section (see below). If so, how can it be fixed?


Thank you!


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I'm not sure it can be fixed. Mine does the same thing.

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Just a quick update: I have got reply from Gouletpens, said that the space is normal. So I won't worry it too much.


However, the leaking is not solve after a couple more heat setting. What i can do now is just keeping the pen upwards when I finish writing.

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