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Ef Or F Nib For Pilot Decimo?


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I am thinking of getting a Pilot Decimo soon and I can't decide whether I should get an EF or F nib. I currently have a Metropolitan with a fine nib which works very well with my cheap notebook and copy paper with a little scratchiness. I have been looking around doing research and it seems to be various people saying the EF is scratchy while others say it is smooth. I do not write with much pressure, maybe a light to medium pressure. The pictures of the writing at the Nib Nook when comparing the EF and F of the VP to the Metro F seem almost exactly the same though the VP F looks a little thicker than the Metro F. I am leaning toward the EF since I want a line thinner than the Metro, but I am willing to get the F if the EF is as scratchy as some people say it is.

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