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Waterman Artist's Nib On Ebay


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An interesting pen on eBay this week: a Waterman 52 with the rare Artist's nib: it's posted by David Nishimura and his description is accurate and thoughtful. I happened to find a ringtop version last year and it's a lovely pen to draw with: not superflex, as Mr. Nishimura observes, but very springy and responsive. The kind of artists who drew images in the newspapers would probably use this pen. It's also a great tool for on-the-spot drawings.

Anyway, it's probably a bargain if it goes for under two bills.

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I seriously doubt that it will go for less than $200, especially given the current lunacy around flexibility in nibs. Watching with popcorn! :D

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If it writes anything like mine then it'll be worth whatever the winner pays. It's the nib I judge all other vintage by.


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I would have said that before I got my Conklin Crescent "Baby."

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Thats more than I thought it would go for. I wonder how much mine would go for, considering it's currently in a mint Rose Ripple 52V.


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Yikes! I unwatched when the bidding went over $100. I got mine for something like $140.00, but ringtops are a bit undervalued.

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I'd have said you'd have to pry it from my cold, dead hands, but then I scavenged a Cartier ringtop with a William Hicks nib. Still not ready to sell it yet - sorry.


I sent it to Mr. Mottishaw to be straightened and tuned, and it's a lovely thing to write or draw with. I have about half-a-dozen pens with I'd call Superior nibs, and that's one of them.

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I actually have a beautiful waterman artist nib. It's in outstanding condition and measures 6mm across from shoulder to shoulder and 14mm from the breather hole to the tip. Using Binder's stroke width chart it is capable of writing from xxxxf-bbbb. I actually believe it can produce finer than .1 or xxxxf. It is truly an insane nib that is both flexible and has awesome snap back. You can also use this nib for normal fine writing when the nib is not flexed.

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