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My latest ink is Diamine Burnt Sienna

I decided to try Diamine Burnt Sienna immediately after trying Ochre because I thought they were similar colours. Burnt Sienna has more red in it and would fit into the reddish browns group along with Diamine Terracotta and Montblanc Leonardo. It's less saturated than Ochre and is wetter, so it takes longer to dry.

It wrote straight away without any hard starts or skipping. It lubricated the nib very well, and the flow felt slightly wet.

It's a quite water resistant ink. Not as water resistant as Ochre. I could still see all of the writing, even after over 30 minutes, and though I blotted my water test with a piece of kitchen roll, the ink dots in the centre of the water test were still legible.

  • Although this isn't a waterproof ink, it shows very good water resistance, as do many inks in this colour range.
  • Bearing in mind the paper I use is thick with a shiny surface, and I used a Lamy M nib and a 1.1mm nib, this ink took 17-20 secs to dry.
  • It felt a little wetter than some other inks I've reviewed, but still flowed and lubricated the nib well. I saw no skips or hard starts while I did swabs and dry time tests.
  • It is currently available in 80ml glass bottles or 30ml plastic bottles
  • Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.
  • It's a reasonable price.


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Thank you for this useful and informative ink review. I really enjoy the Diamine inks and am noticing they do have different water resistance and lubricity. Thank you for including this information as well as the writing and swab samples.

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Nice review but it's not a 'range' I particularly enjoy. The darker browns, like Macassar are more to my liking. Keep them coming!

The Good Captain

"Meddler's 'Salamander' - almost as good as the real thing!"

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Just bought a bottle of this ink and loaded my Taccia Covenant with it. Initial writing is very nice with a fine nib. I was looking for the Ancient copper, but they were out of that color so I got the Burnt Sienna instead. I plan on spending the 4th learning how well the color writes and looks. Thanks for the review.

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