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Wrong Ink Type Flushing

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Hello y'all,

A friend of mine bought a desk at a local flea market and found a Pilot Metropolitan M nib in the desk drawer. Knowing I enjoy pens he passed it on to me. It seems that the previous owner filled the converter with some sort of cheap gel ink and the feeder and nib are clogged. I have soaked in water and soap, but seems the ink has hardened and will not come loose. I flossed the nib but the feeder is still clogged. Any ideas?

Thank you for all replies.

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10% ammonia solution

1 part clear non-sudsy ammonia : 9 parts plain water


Next after than is a technical pen cleaner.


Although given the bad choice of ink, you may have to pull the feed/nib out of the section to physically clean the section and feed.

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You do wonder what people are thinking, if they are thinking at all. A friend, who should have known better, handed a pen to me to repair because it wouldn't fill. I pulled the section and found the sac to be nice and pliable - springy in fact because it still had ink in it, but the feed was clogged. He had used India ink because it was all that he could find and he was in a hurry.


Koh-I-Noor Rapido Eze is a great pen cleaner, but even that may not be enough to get into the fine ink channels of the feed. You may need to pull the nib and feed (no er on the end) to remove all of the gunk. An ultrasonic, and maybe a piece of brass shim stock will help to clear the fine ink channels.

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Sasha Royale

Good project, if you want something to do. However, if you just want a writing fountain pen, Pilot Met on Ebay about $17 . There are better ways to get a headache.

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