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Another Pilot Prera Oeste

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I'm very happy - I have a Prera Oeste Kingfisher on the way, to go with my Oeste yellow Canary & pink Flamingo





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Wow cool! You must've camped for their release! *laughs* I never knew they had pink and yellow versions as well, they're very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

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Glad to see that they are adding new models to the Prera series. Even if it is a limited edition. I wonder if they will also release some more in darker colors. I know the Preras tend to be bright and colorful. Personally this is the only defect I see in this pen, I find the ivory —and perhaps brown— to be the only color that I really enjoy using. I still dream about a black Prera with golden trimmings. If I am not wrong they only sell black pens with threaded caps (72, 78G, etc), but I love the cap of the Prera: very handy for quick notes, soft and reliable at the same time and with a superb click sound!

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