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Has anyone compared this with Sailor Nano black? Specifically the smoothness and the flow. I still have 1.5 bottles of Sailor but the urge to justify a new ink is strong...


This is very late, but my acquisition of BlBarBl was only last month. I had a cartridge of Kiwa-guro in my Sailor 21 Pocket Pen, and when I wrote it dry, I flushed it out and injected a load of Barrister. I have nothing to add to the positive things people have said about how well-behaved it is, except to add that I haven't noticed any particular reluctance to dry, either in my journal (don't remember the manufacturer; it's a wire-bound notebook from OfficeMax) or on the TR paper that I use for correspondence. It does feel a little smoother than the K-g, but then the Sailor is a pleasure to write with in any case. I do have a page in my journal that is 2/3 K-g and 1/3 BlBarBl, and the Blackstone is noticeably blacker. I like it!

Until you ink a pen, it is merely a pretty stick. --UK Mike


My arsenal, in order of acquisition: Sailor 21 Pocket Pen M, Cross Solo M, Online Calligraphy, Monteverde Invincia F, Hero 359 M, Jinhao X450 M, Levenger True Writer M, Jinhao 159 M, Platinum Balance F, TWSBI Classic 1.1 stub, Platinum Preppy 0.3 F, 7 Pilot Varsity M disposables refillables, Speedball penholder, TWSBI 580 USA EF, Pilot MR, Noodler's Ahab 1.1 stub, another Preppy 0.3, Preppy EF 0.2, ASA Sniper F, Click Majestic F, Kaweco Sport M, Pilot Prera F, Baoer 79 M (fake Starwalker), Hero 616 M (fake Parker), Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands M . . .

31 and counting :D



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Any US based suppliers? I'm a doc, and welcome extra durable black ink.


Jet Pens.

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