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I recently acquired this Visconti pen but cannot identify the model name, if it does have a name...

it is evidently an early model, it is made of wrapped celluloid, black-brown flake, and has a steel two tone nib with Visconti written vertically, top down, such as I have already seen on a Visconti Classic

the nib is steel I assume as it has no gold markings

the pen is approx 13.5 cm capped, short of 12 cm uncapped, and it is rather fat.

It is a cartridge-converter pen.

The material used is surely celluloid, you can smell the distictive odour of canfor as you open the barrel, and it is wrapped celloloid you can see the seam by looking closely, the dark colour however masks the seam almost completely, in normal lighting conditions.


There is an earlier post by fabri00 in another thead about this pen


where this pen is mentioned but no model name mentioned

since I do not know the model name googling to find info so far has proven useless


the colour of the celluloid is really nice, the nib is rather stiff, and smallish, but the pen is not so big either, and writes, now, reasonably smooth with a fine to medium line (I had to slighly adjust the tines because under the loope they were evidently misaligned)


any information is welcome (eric47??)

















next to a sheaffer balance II for comparison



the celluloid picks up the light in certain conditions

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I asked the same question on fountainpen.it forum, and someone answered me.

Try to ask there.

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  • 4 years later...

I'm looking thorough some of my older posts to see whether my images are still there after the new FPN site.

These photos are here ok.

Just not to leave this unanswered, in case it may help anyone stumbling on this thread, I sometimes later found out this pen is a Visconti Royal

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sansenri: I recently stumbled upon a listing on Ms. Iacopini’s site that seems to be exactly the pen model that you have here. There she wrote a little bit about the background of these early Visconti models. Quite beautiful the celluloid! 

https://www.tenpen.it/product/visconti-royal-early-celluloid-piston-filler (though it looks like a c/c pen, not piston filler as she mentioned, probably a mistake I think.)

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