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How To Change Jowo Nib Unit From Asa Nauka?


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I would like to exchange the JoWo nib unit on my ASA Nauka with another different JoWo nib unit (of the same size), but I have been neither able to unscrew it from the pen section nor pull out the nib & feed from it.


Please, does anyone know whether it's possible or not?

And, if possible, how should I do it?


I understand that JoWo units are screwed on the pen section, so I have tried to unscrew it... but I have exerted quite a force without it moving any millimetre! It seems to be glued or "fused" to the section...


Thank you!

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The nib and feed are friction fit. It should just pull right out. You may find that a little heat on the section may help loosen it enough to get it out. I'm afraid of heat guns myself, so I use hot water. Rule of thumb. If your fingers can take the temp it's ok, not hot enough to damage the piece.

I bought my pen here in one of the group buys. My pen is hard rubber and I have found that there is quite a bit of friction between parts. Maybe because of the material (rubber), maybe because everything is new and not worn down or broken in, but it does take some extra effort to take it apart.


You might write to Asa at their website. They seem like nice people.

Check out some of the repair threads here for alternate ideas on removing friction fit nibs and feeds.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Soak overnight in soapy water, then with a rubber grippy thing it should pull right out. Hold nib and feed firmly with thumb on top of nib and pull to front - wiggling a little may help but it does not screw out.

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