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Help Repairing & Id'ing A Mabie Todd

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Hello everyone!


I was walking around town today and decided to walk into a old collectible shop and found this babe along with others!






I was able to fix the other pens I got from him but this one needs a pressure bar and I'm interested in the history of the pen.


Can anyone help ID this fountain pen and let me know what parts it had originally so I can try to restore it as best as I can to its original state? As far as I can tell its BCHR and has some ripple patterns similar to the Conklin 20p Crescent Filler.


Here is the picture of the writing on the side:





This is my first Mabie Todd and man I need to have more! Any information would be greatly appreciated!


All the best,


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Sorry to say, but we need more pics! Please show the whole pen and cap as well as the lever .


Does it still have the lever?


Any small model numbers near the base of the barrel?

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The time difference always ensures that Greenie beats me to it with American enquires.


Yes that pen is certainly BHR and you are lucky as it appears still to be black! The nib looks lovely. Let's have some more snaps!


All the best



fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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And I also wake up to ongoing discussions depending on the country of origin of the OP! Skyee is even in my same time zone.

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Thanks for replying Greenie & Cob. I apologize for not uploading enough pictures.








So upon further inspection I did see small model numbers at the base of the pen and on the cap there words
"SCREW CAP TIGHTLY" was marked if that is relevant.






The model numbers seemed to have been scratched.


And actually right after I posted this I fell asleep and woke up a little late to work :P but you responded very fast Greenie.


P.S. Cob the nib is magnificent! It writes like a dream. From hairlines to thick lines.

Edited by Skyee
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This is an early lever filler from the 1920s, when a "screw cap" was novel enough to be imprinted.

The black hard rubber is in fantastic shape. Black. Crisp chasing pattern

Swan nibs are often wonderful. This will be a great pen to use.


You say it needs a pressure bar? Have you taken the section off the barrel? The section should be friction fit and not threaded


The pressure bar is attached to the lever. It is not a J bar. There is no spring to the lever without a sac. I can't find pictures. It is a bit like the non J bar levers here http://www.richardspens.com/?page=ref/repair/levers.htm

but the bar is attached to to the end of the lever and does not slide off. It only comes out by removing the entire lever and bar mechanism.


All this should need is a good flush of the nib and feed and a new sac.

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Oo! Thanks for the information. Amazing how this pen has lived that long.


I actually have flushed, cleaned, and buffed up the pen already. When I opened it up the other day it it was missing the pressure bar. I guess it may have fallen off at some point or was removed. I actually like the pens better with the pressure bar attached to the lever.


Maybe I'll go back and scavenge for some pressure bars!

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So when you lift the lever and look in, there is nothing attached to the lever? It is just that it is much harder to lose the bar on these than the bar on a Waterman or Wahl, so I am surprised. I have a lot of Swans and none have been missing the pressure bar.


I suppose you could just put in a J bar for a functional repair, rather than true restoration of original condition. It would work well until the "correct" part comes along.

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Yeah, unfortunately there is no pressure bar attached to the lever. The other pens I purchased this with - Waterman, Sheaffer, Parker - all had their pressure bars attached to the lever and the Parker with the button filler when I got them. I did not expect the pen I wanted the most to miss it.


Thanks a lot Greenie! You've been so helpful!

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That pen did not have the pressure plate attached to the lever: it is a short lever model and would have a J bar. I have a SF230 somewhere that is equipped thus whilst the others I have have the long lever.


The lever is identical to those fitted th Blackbirds as well as various Swans


Edit: just found the "SF230" - it is a Blackbird with golden barrel bands!


Interesting that Swan made some pens in the 1950s with the long lever and then reverted tot J-bars



Edited by Cob

fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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I tip my virtual hat in deference to Cob. I was not aware of the J bar design on the short lever pens. Good to know for future reference.


Here is a good source.




Just figure out what size you need. You certainly do not need to longest one. If your pen is closer to 4 3/4 inches, I would suggest the shortest of the sizes.

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Ooh gosh! I hope after all that that I am correct - I have to say that the only Swans I have seen with the "floating" pressure bar, all have the long lever, the others (with short levers) having J-bars.



fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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