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Skyline Executive Size With Gold Filled Cap?

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There is a Skyline set on ebay. It is listed as being 5 5/8 inches and an Executive size. It is boxed and stickered.



I have watched Skylines for a few years and own many Skylines, including 3 Executives.


I have not seen a gold filled cap Executive before, and in general, Executive size Skylines have teardrop nibs in the time I have been a pen nut,


Then again, I have not been at this for that many years, so I am sure there is a lot I have not seen.



1. Are there executive sized skylines with gold filled caps? (or is there something odd about this pen?)

2. Are all Executive sized nibs the teardrop type? Or can there be other imprints on Executive nibs?

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Good questions and I have no straight answers but these are my thoughts:


- for some years I was an avid seeker of Executives too and I never came across a Skyline Executive with a gold cap. That is in line with what the literature reports (eg internet sources).

- I have 4 Executives and all 4 have teardrop nibs indeed

- iIt is often difficult to judge dimensions on pictures but looking at the ebay pictures I would say that the barrel is too short compared to the cap for being an Executive. Also the length of the nib compared to the length of the section is not in line with what I see on my Executives. An Executive nib is really huge.


The overall length of the Skyline Executive is quite variable but 5 5/8 would be Executive size. What is important to know is the length of the cap alone as Executive caps are considerably longer than Standard caps. So the length of that gold filled cap (cap alone so excluding the clip washer ring and derby top) should be 2 3/16 inch or 55,5 mm in order to be an Executive cap.

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Thank you joss!


It is always difficult to know if my personal pens are representative. Now I can have limited knowledge of 7 and see that my assumptions, based on my three pens and a handful for sale on ebay, might actually be (mostly?) correct.

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yes, I think that your assumptions are right.


But because that ebay listing challenges these assumptions, I tried contacting the seller to ask for the exact length of the cap and diameter at the cap opening. Unfortunately, the seller's Ebay settings are such that you cannot ask questions about his items.

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