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Iguana Sell Reputation Inquiry


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I also have had positive experiences with Iguana Sell, but through eBay. My first "direct" website purchase has resulted in the ol' bait 'n switch, or the "we discovered it's not available."


The thing that really irked me about this transaction is that it is my own fault.


I broke my own rule of ordering direct to a website without going through their eBay store for a hopefully positive experience. Yes it's a small item, a Visconti Dreamtouch three pen case, to which they offered me a three pen silk case in silk or the double Visconti or the single Visconti leather cases. This happened after they've processed the transaction.




By, still, it is my own fault; I should have bought it from Cool-Japan's eBay store - Atsu's transactions are flawless.


Why on earth would I want a double or single pen case when I have a three pen set I wanted together? Why would I want a silk case when I ordered leather? In any case, I replied back that I want both double and single Visconti cases for the transaction if they can't fill the order.


Iguana Sell, please make this right and restore my faith :gaah:

Best regards,
Steve Surfaro
Fountain Pen Fun
Cities of the world (please visit my Facebook page for more albums)
Paris | Venezia

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I checked out this thread before buying a Namiki Emperor Toryumon from Iguana Sell and can now add that their customer service really is excellent: they absolutely went above and beyond for me. I would definitely buy from them again without hesitation.

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