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Twsbi Eco Leaking


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As the title says my Eco's nib/feed is leaking. :'(

I accidentally dropped it onto the floor (thankfully with the cap on) then after a day or so I used the pen and noticed that the cap had a lot of ink in it because it dripped onto the car seat. I tried pushing the feed in and it worked for some time but it started leaking again. How do you suppose I go about fixing it?

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Did you just push it back in? I'd start by pulling both the nib and feed and make sure they're both aligned before inserting again. The nib should be in the little groove.

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I had this issue just earlier today, for the same reason. I put the ink in a test vial, washed and flushed the pen, took out the nib and feed and reset them, refilled it and it works just fine. You might start there and see if it helps resolve the problem as it did for me.

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I haven't pulled it out. I'm too scared of breaking the nib or feed. I'm cleaning the Eco now so that I can try that. Do you just pull the nib and feed out?

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I haven't pulled it out. I'm too scared of breaking the nib or feed. I'm cleaning the Eco now so that I can try that. Do you just pull the nib and feed out?

Yeah, they're just friction fit in the section. Just be careful not to twist them and they should come right out.

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Nothing to be afraid of. This is one of the easiest pens to pull the nib/feed. You can twist them if you must since there's not a flat foot like on many nibs, but it's not a good habit to get into. If it's stuck with ink just give it small wiggles side to side.

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I disassembled the whole pen, including the feed/nib (with much hesitation), and reassembled it. So far it's not leaking anymore. :D

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There you go. That should do it. Both of my eco pens had similar issues. In each case pulling the nib and feed out and reseating it solved the problem.

Scary the first time you pull a nib and feed out isn't it. Now you're a pro like the rest if us..well done.

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I'm having the same leaking problem with my new Eco. Per the suggestions on this thread, I also flushed the pen, pulled out the nib and re-seated it, and it still leaks. Is it possible I'm not re-seating it correctly? What else might be causing this glitch?




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You have to push it in rather firmly. Not hard but firm. If it still leaks, flush it and look at it under light. You may have a cracked barrel. If you do, take a picture and e-mail it to TWSBI and they will send a new one(barrel that it).


You will only have to cover the postage.

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Sometimes the nib and feed have to find a spot where they feel comfortable. You should feel the difference when they are well seated. Careful not to twist them around to get them in, you could score up the inside of the section. Just hold the nib and feed together between your thumb and forefinger. Firmly go straight in. Once the are both in check the nib and feed individually to make sure they are each all the way in. You shouldn't have any leaks after that. If you do, then you may have a crack someplace and you should talk to TWISBI.

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If you still have leaks after trying to reseat the nib and feed, and you think you did it right. You should now test for air leaks.

Empty the pen. Remove the nib and feed. Stick your finger in your mouth and get it nice and wet (silicone grease is better) hold the pen upside down, place your finger over the opening where the nib and feed were. Draw back on the piston. You will feel the suction and it should be strong enough to hold the pen to your finger for a good 20 seconds or more.

If that works, you've eliminated the possibility of air leaks, and need to go back to the nib and feed. I would also consider a change of inks if nothing else works.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you make out.

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I just bought a TWSBI Eco with stub nib on Wednesday and have the same issue. Worked fine on Wednesday started leaking on Thursday.

It's the second pen I've got in the past month that is leaking droplets (Noodler's Charlie the other)

Different inks (J.Herbin Scented Lavender in the Eco, Diamine Dragon's Blood in the Charlie)


I haven't had this issue with my cheapie Hero 266's nor my Pilot Metropolitan F (although I have a lot of nib creep)


Going to try the same thing tonight on both ... here's hoping it will work!

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