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Doric Madness


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So I bought a Gold Seal Doric ringtop in Morocco, but I don't like the nib: a rigid Skyline. I've gone looking around for a new nib, and what happened but I found another Doric ringtop (black...very pretty) for about the same money as the previous one, only with a flexier nib. Of course I bought it, because I am a madwoman.


I already have a Doric with a clip in Kashmir, so this means I have a collection...this is probably not a good thing.


But I still want another nib for the Morocco.

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Update: the Doric ringtop was sold out from under me. I'm gutted. It was a great pen. One hates to wish death or bankruptcy on a total stranger, but I don't have to justify my feelings here.

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If not for our high degree of self control there would be no limit to where our pen passions might go. Holy Superego Batman!


Don't worry they made a lot of pens and another will turn up soon enough!

Syd "the Wahlnut" Saperstein

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What the seller told me was that another buyer had pushed the button at an earlier time. He apologized, and hoped that I'd see something else I'll want.


In a perfect world, perhaps.

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