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Vac 700 Piston Knob Stuck And I Can't Unscrew It..?

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As the title says. I realised that my nib was running a little dry and, as with a lot of vacuum fillers, I went to unscrew the piston knob at the top to break the seal so more ink could flow through.


However, upon trying I literally could not move this piston knob no matter how hard I try. Granted, I don't go to the gym every single day, but damn. This is ridiculous. I've never had this problem before.


Any help?


Edit - I used it yesterday with absolutely no problems and I have had the pen for ~2 weeks. I unscrewed the piston knob yesterday and I didn't screw it on with a stupid amount of force.

Edit 2 - Even with silicon grease this thing won't budge.

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You could use a rubber grip if you have one or you can tie a rubber band around the piston knob. It should give you better grip.

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You may have cross-threaded the piston knob. A rubber or leather strap would give better grip, but if the threads are damaged too badly the knob might not tighten again.

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Sorry to bump an old thread. I've just spent the last 40 minutes finding a solution and figured making a whole new post about it would just make it harder for other poor buggers to solve the problem.


I had this exact problem with the Vac Mini, and because I bought it second hand and am a newbie, I just assumed that it was how the pen was meant to look... until I watched a disassembly video. What solved it in the end was wrapping a rubber band around the cap (thank you, davyk!), clamping the cap between two desks (in lieu of a proper clamp), greasing the bottom of it, and then going at it with the wrench until it finally came unstuck.

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If you want, you can use a pair of pliers with tape on the jaws. it won't mar the plastic.

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