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Mohi "anamik" Eyedropper


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Hello friends ,


Greetings !!


Baaz is back with a new Indian eyedropper !


Mohi "Anamik" eyedropper


After receipt of this pen I couldn't resist request from my friend and our fellow fpn member Vaibhav M about posting review


On a thanksgiving day , Mr Pathak sent me pictures of this new pen on What's app . Immediately I called him and requested to keep this pen reserved for me . But this time I found no engraving of name on the pen , so , I have given the name " Anamik" . Meaning of Anamik is the one who is not having any name .


Here are the details :


Design : Classic shape , fully acrylic body , a medium size pen


Cap : Top is slightly rounded , chrome finish cap ring , teardrop clip . Cap is also turned on CNC turning machine

Finish quality is at par. Cap unscrews in just one turn due to multi start threads


Barrel : Inspired from Wality 69T shape , transparent barrel with smooth external and internal finish

Ink capacity : 2 ml . Cap can't post on barrel . Size comparison is done with my Wality 69T


Section : Dia 10 mm , swirled black and orange acrylic , nice grip for long writing sessions


Nib and feed : First time using "Ricoh" make nib , writes between fine and medium . Regular ebonite feed works well


Writing example attached . No burping yet observed


Conclusion : Once again great job done by Mr Pathak from Abhay pens , Aurangabad

I am enjoying this immaculate pocket size pen !


Hope you all will enjoy this review


Comments are always welcome


Sincerely ,






















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Very nice review Buzz...I was supposed to buy this pen but when I got to know about the size, I didn't take it. Normally Mohi gives very small nib but this nib looks slightly bigger. Is it the stock nib?

BTW, nice name you have given, congrats.

Sagar Bhowmick

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Thanks Sagar for your comments

Yes, Its a Ricoh stock nib , I am thinking to replace it with Ambitious

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Hi Baaz,


Please tell us a bit more about Mohi pens, their collection and prices. Are these hand made ? How does one contact them?





Click here to check out my reviews


Fosfor Rajendran | ASA Santulan | Ranga Sugarcane | ASA Sniper | Fosfor Heather | ASA I-Will | Hero Glorious | ASA Azaadi | Fosfor Islander | ASA Halwa | ASA Macaw | ASA Namenlos | ASA Bheeshma

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Hi Prithwi ,

Mohi pens are manufactured at Aurangabad by M/s Abhay pens. These are not handmade but are CNC turned pens.

Cost wise they are very affordable. Maximum cost I have paid is INR 600/- for their Harmony model . For this one the cost is INR 300/-

You can refer my other reviews

Contact no : 9225328858 Mr Pathak

Hope it helps



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