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Osmia 973 Or Is This Fake?

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I just got this beautiful Osmia 973 M. But the thing is, I really can't find anything about this model from google. And this made me really nervous about this pen, could this be fake? This pen is tiny and its nib is smallest that I have ever seen. The nib is smooth but weird, it have Osmia markings. Nib makes really fine line, when doing cross stroke, wider when down stroke. My other Osmia, which have M nib too, behaves like normal M nib. This pen started working after cleaning and putting some silicon grease to piston seal. I didn't completely disassembly the pen, I only took nib and feed out. Piston seal is silicone, at least it look like it. This worried me even more, because normally these vintage pens restorations takes longer than half an hour!


This just really worries me. Could someone confirm me, that this is really Osmia? or worse, if its fake... At least I got it really cheap. Also, all info is welcome about this Osmia 973 model.


Pen is capped 12 cm ( 5 inch) long. There is Osmia in gold leters in cap and back in barrel there is 973 and under it is M. Nib says Osmia (osmia logo) 14k 585.







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It looks fine to me. A lot of German piston-fillers are similar in design but as long as it has the proper inscriptions.

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