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My Pilot Custom 823 Needs New Nib

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My Pilot Custom 823 needs new nib. I have few pens wit reg. nib, one italic but I would like to try flex nib and learn calligraphy. I think Pilot FA nib would fit. I am looking for service to order and replace nib and fix one more pen (it is scratchy). Only problem is that I don't like FA nib look, maybe there is other good looking nib good for my setup? Can you recommend service and give me some advice, please ?



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no sure fire way advise I could give... Pilot doesnt do nib sales thats for certain since you have the 823 find any nib you may want from the 743 series they will fit

Wa?, Po?, Fa?, C?, Music?, Su?, Soft? your call your choice

buy one and then do the nib transplant then sell the other pen hopefully it sells

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The Soft Fine flexes a little, obviously not as wide as the F, but you can still use it effectively for shading in calligraphy. After all, there is no rule that says how wide the shading has to be, and actually good calligraphy (i.e. not that you watch a video of just to see how far a nib can flex) can be quite subdued in terms of line variation.

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Hi , thank you for replaying. If I can't easly get single nib for my Custom 823 than I will explain my situation. I have small pen collection but when I was buying pens I didn't know about flex nibs. I would like to use flex nib, can I buy extra nib for any of my pens? My pen's: Aurora 88 (it is so perfect, I don't like to change this nib), Aurora Ipsilon, Pilot Custom 823, Sailor 911, Waterman Perspective, Platinum #3776(it has italic nib I would like to keep), Sheaffer Prelude. I would like to get flex nib for one of my pens, please give me advice what should I do. I ordered Noodler's ahab flex pen for now, but I wold like to get flex nib for one of my other pen's.

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For the price that you're going to pay for a new nib, you could buy an older pen with a semi-flex nib. Just a though.



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Erik Dalton

I agree with ninobrn99. Look for a used pen or go with the Noodler's. You have some nice pens that you seem to like. No sense in messing them up.

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I suggest you contact this seller (link below) and ask if he can help get a new FA nib to fix your CH 823. He may have a solution. Here's why:


This pen retailer in Japan supposedly has a good long-term relationship with Pilot/Namiki. He is the only retailer I know of (as of my post date) that sells off-the-shelf Pilot Custom Heritage 823 pens with a factory installed #15 FA nib. Normally the CH 823 is only available from the factory with an F, M, or B nib.


Of the three pens that use the Pilot #15 size nibs, the 845, 823, and 743, the only pen that normally comes with the FA nib is the CH 743. The CH 743 is almost identical to the CH 823 in size and shape. The differences are; the 743 is a cartridge/converter fill pen while the more expensive 823 is a vacuum filler, and the 743 comes with a much wider range of #15 nib sizes and types compared to the 823. From what I understand, there is no apparent physical and/or logical reason for Pilot to restrict which #15 nibs are allowed to be in which model pen. All #15 nibs will work on all three pens they fit.


The CH 823 with the FA nib costs a bit more from this particular seller than a standard 823 with an F, M, or B nib. But I don't know of anywhere else to get it off-the-shelf.


Here's the link:




Good Luck, David

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buy one and then do the nib transplant then sell the other pen hopefully it sells


Hi Algester, The O.P. says he needs a new nib for his CH 823. So assuming the old nib is trashed (which it must be, otherwise he/she would just sell the pen), a transplant and resale with a CH 743 won't work, unless you know of someone that needs a CH 743 which is missing a nib.

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