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Eastern European Brand - Denobil

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Hey Everyone!


Just wanted to share with all of you some info about this less known Brand of fountain pens.


DeNobil is a Brand based in Eastern Europe - Moldova, Republic of.

It is led by a few enthusiasts and craftsmen who are very passionate about serious quality writing instruments. Everything is done by hand from the beginning til the end, this is what makes it rare as the pens are made in very limited numbers.

The material used is pure Ebonite which gives a pleasant natural feel when you hold the pen in hand. The nibs are German - Peter Bock, considered one of the best in the world. I personally use them for long time and to be honest, I can't be more than happy.

The design of these pens is classic and simple, with a luxury look.


In my opinion, a fountain pen isn't just a pen, it represents your personal style and the status in society.


For more info and details about this brand, check out the website.



Have a beautiful day guys and take care!


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Hello Victor.


Those are fine looking pens, and once you have got more nib-choice I think many members will be interested. They remind me of Senator pens. One of the pens still on my wish list.



A remark, however. We do not allow advertisements or trade offers here in the forums. There are other options for that.

I will let this one item stand, but any further advertisements will be removed.


After a week membership you may edit your profile and you can place a link to your website in your signature file, along with a small picture.


Once you have been a member for a month you may post in "Market Watch", and you are allowed ONE message monthly pointing to your own products, provided no actual prices etc are in that post.


And there is the option of acquiring a premium membership which will offer you the opportunity to post in "the Mall" including prices etc.



Enjoy your time here on FPN.


In the mean time, can you tell us about the historic pen brands in your part of the world?






Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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Thanks a lot for letting me know about this, I appreciate your action.


Yes, about the nibs you're right, we are working on this and in short time there will be available all the sizes on the website.


Our website was recently opened, until now we were selling our pens locally here in Moldova, most of our customers were retired businessmen, bankers, etc.

It's a very less known Brand. Our craftsmen can speak just the local language which is Romanian, so after I became officially the CEO, with the ability to speak and write in English, I came up with the Idea of going online so people can discover us and know that there are still Brands in this world that deserve to be known. The life is too short to play small isn't it?


Well, there are not many pen makers around us, even I can say that there aren't any known Brands at all here, except one from Romania which is the neighbor country, a Brand called "Poenari", from what I know, their pens are made with kits, which I don't consider a 100% handcrafted instrument, but they have beautiful pens. In our case the things are totally different, at DeNobil we make everything by hand with raw materials from the beginning til the end. It's a serious process which requires special skills and hours of precision work. And trust me, after you see the finished product, you realize how much love and passion is inside of that instrument, but to be honest, there are not so many people in the world who can understand and appreciate this, that's why I'm happy that there are communities like this, where we can meet others with the same interests, the same passion and who are willing to learn new things every day.


Once again,

Thank you and have a beautiful day!

Victor Turcanu

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