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Flex Nib In Vacumatic?

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Looking at buying my very first vintage pen...


I'm currently looking at Vacumatic but having a difficult time finding one with a flex nib.


So my question is, can I buy a vacumatic pen and swap it out with a parker flex nib?


Thanks in advance!

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you could, but i should tell you (as a long-time vac collector who's owned about a hundred of them) that flexible nibs are pretty hard to find in vacs, and i just have three or four of them that i'd call flexible in my whole collection.


also, vac nib sizes will differ from model to model--and there was a multitude of vacumatic models made--so a simple swap may not always be possible, especially if you want to go for correctness not just in size but also in model. good luck!

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A nib from an English Parker Duofold works very well, the nib has some flex, a softer feel and is available in a range of nib points. The pen below was modified by Parker in 1951 and is a joy to use.

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I'd say look out for Canadian made vacumatics - many of those have pretty flexible nibs.

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It's my understanding that it's somewhat unusual to find vintage Parkers of any flavor (I was going to say any stripe ;)) with nibs that flex. I got fairly lucky at Ohio Pen Show and got a blue striped Duofold (button filler) with a semi-flex oblique nib (not sure if it's an OF or an OM). But most of my vintage Parkers are nails. That makes the blue Duofold even more fun.

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