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Waterman Sleeve Filler Patent And Manufacture Date Confusion?


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I just acquired a Waterman Sleeve Filler with a wet noodle nib and did some research on its production - all I can find online is that it was apparently patented in 1909 and that it was produced from 1910-1915 before Waterman lever fillers went into production.


The problem here is that my pen is labelled thus:


"Pat'd 1884 May 23, 1899

Waterman's (Ideal) Fountain-

Pen N.Y. U.S.A. & Aug 4, 1903"


This inscription is on the sleeve itself.


Any advice? Photos below - I hope they show up, it's my first time adding photos to a post.




I'm always up for an ink trade!

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Those patent dates are for parts of the pen other than the Sleeve Filler itself. If I remember right the 1903 patent is for the spoon feed. A SF pen is very cool, what nib size did you get?

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Er, I honestly don't know how to tell. The top says Waterman Ideal and the feed underneath says Augu before it disappears into the barrel...I would assume reiterating its patent date? It is quite a small nib, about 1 and 3/10 cm long from the point it emerges from the barrel to the tip. It's a mildly stiff wet noodle rather than a paintbrush, and flexes from about F to BBB. I'll try to post pictures of the nib and a writing sample tomorrow.


Edit: The site I bought it from lists it as a #2, though it doesn't say that anywhere I can find.

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I'm always up for an ink trade!

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That all looks good. It is a 12 SF. Those look correct for original parts. Patent dates are of limited value for dating pens.

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