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Chesterfield Antique Colors Line Of Ink


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Just tested the 9 Antique colors from xFountainPens, including the latest Shamrock.


The writing and scribbles are from a needle point Tachikawa 77 dip pen, so I can see it's much more of dusky purple to burgundy when laid on thick. The smears are a drop of ink on a metal needle, spread sideways to get an idea of the color at a "normal" ink density. The right end has a little thicker second small drop. Paper is HP 32# laser. No bleedthrough except the very-wet first letters drawn with the freshly loaded dip pen.


I enjoyed the Shamrock in the Platinum 3776 F, and just switched to trying Jade Don't like it as much. I don't like light, unsaturated (color, not chemically) inks so much. Dark unsaturated is OK.. Jade looks grey as Slate going on, but quickly dries to the final greenish color. Darkness stays the same, around 50% of black by rough guess.


The Raspberry isn't very red unless laid on thick. It's more of a more of a terra-cotta or dilute dusky purple.

My favorite are Oxford and maybe Yankee. I love intense colors. I don't even mind lower saturation color-black looking mixes, but I don't like washed out. Orchid has possibilities. Scarlet is a nice red, but I have a lot of red inks.

These are maybe best in pens (popular on here) with more flow, robably great for a wet stub or broad. My 3776 has a fine that I'd call quite juicy, a little wetter than I generally go for, and it's not ideal for most of these. You'd; be right to question my wisdom buying "Antique" colors, given that preference.

I'll try them in turn, properly, in the Platinum pen, and maybe tweak a hue if it doesn't grow on me. Jade is loaded now, and to me begs for a 20-40% addition of something like Sheaffer's teal-ish green. I take pride in not being a slave to the (ink) bottle if I want a little more punch or a slight color shift, before giving up.


Another option happens all the time in weeks or months in most pens, but won't in the slip-and-seal 3776 - let the ink partially dry out. I may put 1mL of the Jade in a 5mL vial with the cap loose, and reload the pen when it evaporates down to about half a mL. I might really like that color. Typically I use noodlers inks and it goes the other way (dilute about 50%), which has the benefit of being quicker.

The biggest win for me is Oxford. It has sheen, it's a brilliant not-greenish blue, and is my concept of the vaunted Majestic Blue, improved. It's cheaper than Diamine Blue velvet, not sure which I'll prefer. For intensity I think BV may win. Oxford is more interesting. Majestic Blue itself, compared to either, is disappointingly leaning teal, unless I got bad samples.


I had someone else say Raspberry gives excellent shading, so take that as you will. I consider shading generally a negative characteristic, and also blaspheme by believing that "lubrication" is not an attribute distinct from how wet the nib is at the paper while writing (i.e., flow rate minus paper absorption rate).


This test method doesn't let me judge much about those ancillary factors. I really just want to know color hue, and does it look OK with a middling to dry EF to F nib.

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Thank you for your review. I have the Oxford and the Copper, and I like both of those. I am curious about the Orchid. I might get that one, considering that I like Purple.

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Cleosmama, I could send you a sample, if you're interested.


And thank you radellaf for the comparison! Finally have a good idea what the whole line looks like.

Inks (Always willing to trade samples, PM me!): Noodler's Rome Burning, Noodler's Henry Hudson Blue, , J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune, P.W. Akkerman Laan Van Nieuw Oost-Indigo, Chesterfield Antique Slate, Chesterfield Antique Shamrock, Chesterfield Antique Jade, Chesterfield Antique Orchid, Chesterfield Capri, De Atramentis Apricot, De Atramentis Alexander Hamilton, J. Herbin Rouge Hematite (sans gold), Organics Studio Willow Green, Sailor Storia Magic Purple, Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu, Diamine Eau De Nil, Franklin-Christoph Midnight Emerald, Franklin-Christoph Black Cherry

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The raspberry was more brown than I expected so I took another photo in bright diffused sunlight. The camera judged it 6000K, the original under halogen was about 3000K. Here's the samples under both conditions to see if there's a color shift. The raspberry does look a bit redder.






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