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The Cheapest "parker 25" You Can Buy :)


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Ok, so it wouldn't be a Parker 25. It wouldn't even be a Parker pen :)


Sir Kenneth Grange designed a few pens - one of them the iconic Parker 25 shown below:



It has that very distinct tapering on the barrel about 3/4 down and a very flat base.


A few years later, Grange also did some work for Platignum designing the Platpen - see below;



Can you see the same tapering on the barrel? This time way further up on the pen though.


These pens are not completely easy to get hold of these days but there is a seller on eBay that is selling NOS/NIB ones (one fountain pen ad one felt tip on in multiple colors) for $7+ shipping.


I received mine today and rather do like how "Grange" it looks :D


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