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Please Help Id This Vintage Wearever Ballpoint Pen


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I would greatly appreciate the community's help in definitely identifying this vintage Wearever ballpoint pen which I purchased on ebay a number of years ago. Somehow, I thought that I was ordering a fountain pen but I must have overlooked something because I received an interesting ballpoint instead. I've found practically no references to this pen on the internet and very few photos. The photos I have found are on ebay or other auction sites like here and here and here. In Speerbob's listing on ebay, he describes the pen as circa 1957 but gives no other info regarding the model or series. The closest I've come to identifying this pen so far is with the help of PenHero's site here. The cap on my pen is certainly the same style as the Wearever Supreme line of fountain pens albeit my cap is gold and the ones in PenHero's images are silver. Still, the lines at the base of the cap and the style of the clip are almost identical. As you can see from the photos attached, the pen must have had some kind of replaceable ballpoint/refill. Certainly those must be long gone by now, but I may try to syringe fill the one I have and cap it in some way with silicon grease, wax or some kind of small stopper.


I realize that this pen isn't really especially valuable from a collector's standpoint, but like many of you I enjoy knowing as much of the history behind my collection of pens as possible. Thanks in advance for whatever insight you can offer!












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Hi! I didn't answer because it's a hard one to pinpoint, and I wouldn't want to give you any false information. That being said, my guess would be that it's from the late 1940s. It might not have had any specific model name or number.

I had one that I converted to use with a BIC Cristal refill, an easy job.

Good luck in your search!

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Thanks for the feedback, Zookie! I really appreciate it. Would you be willing to share a little more about how you did the conversion with the BIC Cristal refill? I'm afraid the process is not obvious to me unless it involves dismantling the entire screw-out point section somehow. Thanks again.

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Anybody? Got anything? Thanks!


it's always a dilemma. Saying something like, interesting pen but I don't know, so you will have a load of replies which are unhelpful, or looking and going to the next post.

Usually, no answer means people don't know.


You could try to post the question also in the USA forum. There may be members not frequenting this forum who do know. You might get remarks about it not being a FP, but just shrug them off.






Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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I found one just like this today. It was in a junk drawer box at an estate sale...


It's a neat old pen, but I've never seen a refill like that...


There was also a sealed "Flair Pen" refill from 1968 in the box. I didn't even know those could be refilled. I can't decide if I want to open the package.



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