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Pelikan Pen Rose From The Dead


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Just in time for Easter-- the Pelican M120 in green black has risen from the dead! Originally launched in 1955, this classic fountain pen is so beloved that it had to be re-introduced.

This pen is a timeless pen-- green resin barrel and cap and beautiful gold trimming. The nib is gold plated stainless steel and has a unique engraving with serpentine lines inspired by the original nib detailing. It is available in EF, F, M, and B nibs.

These pens will be available in early April for a limited time. Please send us an email today at support@penboutique.com if you are interested in placing a pre-order.




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"FPN Rocks!!! It also gives you extra 5% at our store with coupon code: FPNROCKS" Exlcusive for FPN members only

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i love it

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