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Mystery Platinum


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Dear friends,


I am relatively new to the fountain pen world. More of a writer than a collector. As my handwriting is tiny, I am interested in Japanese pens; until last week, I had been an exclusive Pilot user. Then I had the chance to buy a Platinum pocket pen at the Brazilian (I'm living in Rio de Janeiro) Facebook fountain pen classifieds. Thought it was a chance to have a look outside the Pilot world. The seller told me the pen had a really fine line, but when I tried it I thought it was too broad for me -- it is a medium nib.


Still, I'm quite unable to find more info on this pen (which I will probably re-sell). It is a pocket pen, a sort of ladies pen, in white, with orange and pink leaves, very pretty. The nib is 18k, very smooth, different from a medium Pilot nib (from a "special alloy" VP that I'm selling as well).


Does anyone know anything about this pen? I took some photos with my iPad Mini and made an album:


Mystery Platinum


Many thanks!

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It's also a Medium. They both have the 中 symbol which means "Middle" or "Medium." Seller is obviously using eyeball method and comparing to western nibs since he or she cannot read kanji or Chinese.


But beyond that, I can't tell much more about the pen or nib. The pictures are all about what the pen (and box) looks like rather than the actually important bits like converter and nib engraving.

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Thank you for your answer. I actually bought the pen, and found out it was a medium the hard way. :-)


Now all I can do is try to sell it, though the pen is really nice.

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