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Acid- Free Paper In Muji High Quality Easy Open Notebook A5 Dot?

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Does anybody know if acid-free paper is used in this Muji notebook, http://www.muji.us/store/stationery/notebooks/high-quality-easy-open-notebook-a5-dot.htm ) The paper is listed as 5% recycled, which would normally suggest not, but I've seen other papers with more recycled content which have nevertheless been acid-free. I've attached a photo of the label for anyone who might read Japanese. Thanks!


(In case the website isn't clear, the notebook is 96 sheets, dot grid, cover in the usual brown thin cardboard, white tape on the spine, thread-bound in signatures, item 4549337193741.It's also listed elsewhere as "Muji Thread-Binding Notebook." Apparently there was also an A6 size made at some time, I'm not sure it's still available. There was also one with similar features done in a black cover, but I believe the paper is different.)fpn_1458344170__20160318_190111.jpg

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