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Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum


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Franklin-Christoph is a pen maker in North Carolina, USA that also has some inks. I'm not sure who makes those inks for them, but they are usually quite good. This one is a dusky, dark purple that I find very nice.


The papers used were MvL=Mohawk via Linen, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, TR=Tomoe River.






On the Tomoe River paper I just couldn't get a good photo. The ink definitely appears as a dusky purple but multiple tries only captured a dark grey.



Not much special in this ink blot.



This is the other review that has the corresponding Republican candidates over the same time frame as that listed in my Noodler's The Violet Vote review.

The ink is not terribly water-resistant. The red washes away leaving some of the blue behind.



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Thank you for doing this review! I like the color and love FC inks. I wonder how this compares to JH Poissone de Lune.

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Let me check if I have a sample of that here. I know I don't have a bottle, but I'll look.



OK, I just filled a pen with Poussiere de Lune from the sample I have. And also looking at my review of that ink linked here:




The Poussiere de Lune is more red than blue, more like red-violet. The Tenebris is a definite purple.

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The images remind me of how Scabiosa looks when fresh on the page (as distinct from how it looks three months later).


Do you use Scabiosa, and if so, is the look quite similar?

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Well I have sad news to report. There was a recent review of the Papier Plume Margi Gras Purple ink and it had comparisons with two other inks I have: Anderson Pens Wood Violet and Franklin-Christof Tenebris Purpuratum. And I took a look at my own review for the latter ink and this is what I found.


The blue had all disappeared from the page and what was left was a pale red. I then inked up the ink in the bottle for comparison. These are shown below. The ink in the bottle is the same as it always was. The ink on the paper, all three, has faded while in a closed notebook. I know the notebooks are kept somewhat near a window, and there is a lamp above, but ink shouldn't fade due to lamplight. This is after only six months.


On the Mohawk via Linen.



On Tomoe River.



On Hammermill 28 lb Inkjet paper.


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I am sorry to hear of your disappointment but greatly appreciate your sharing an update to your original review. It is valuable to know how a given ink behaves over time.


As for the fugitive nature of certain blues, I have speculated about this myself after seeing the color change in Scabiosa over time. Scabiosa also goes down purple, with no apparent bias toward blue or red, but turns redder, even in a notebook, over the course of months. (In the case of Scabiosa, I quite like the "seasoned" color, which I'd call a coppery lilac, but it certainly took me by surprise at first.)


Thanks also for pointing to the other review, with all those comparisons. I am looking for an alternative to Diamine Grape, and there seem to be a few possibilities there.

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This is very unfortunate ! I have not experienced this with the one I have, I'm pretty sure I did my swab when the inks first came out for sale last year, and it has not shade.


But let me ink some paper and see if the ink I have behaves as yours did under the sun or closed book

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ENewton: Scabosia is actually an iron gall ink, so it is expected to change ofver time, usually they tend to become darker, at least traditionally.


Jackonum: It has taken six months for this change, and I'm not sure when it started as I wasn't paying attention. But if placed in a window, you may notice a change quite quickly. All the other inks I reviewed back in March seem unchanged.

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ENewton: Scabosia is actually an iron gall ink, so it is expected to change ofver time, usually they tend to become darker, at least traditionally.




I expected it to get darker, but it really doesn't. It gets a little paler and much redder.

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The images remind me of how Scabiosa looks when fresh on the page (as distinct from how it looks three months later).


Do you use Scabiosa, and if so, is the look quite similar?




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