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Hello everyone


I always used fountain pens mostly for sketching or take quick notes from my classes. But I never took it as something serious (I mean, smoothness, tip of the nib, etc...)
I´m an architect, who, since a long time, admires a spanish architect called Enric Miralles.
I don´t want to bore you, but since I saw that he use FP´s, I started writing almost everyday with them. In fact , I think I started to collect them , having about 15 pens. This collection starts, trying to figuring out what pen did he use.
It's funny how an image, can make you start collecting something.
But , friends , I need help.
I only have two images,
One, there´s this guy with his wife, I think she is holding a MB 149, but his pen, I don´t know...
The other image, he is lightning a cigar, and in his shirt pocket you only see the clip of the pen...
I need to recognize this pen by the cap, which is the only thing visible. To me, it seems like an old Parker, but i´m not sure...
I attached these images, and I already appreciate your help.
Best regards



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based on the second(group) pic... the pens looks like parker doufold mandarin limited edition.(it was released in 1995)


the lady in the group photo is not carrying a 149. the pen seems to have a golden metal top, and is too slim. to me it doesn't even look like a montblanc.

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I concur. I have attached a photo of my 1995 Parker Doufold mandarin l/e for comparison.


"You want to be a writer, don't know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen." ---Paul Simon

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