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Kwz Brown Pink


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I'll start off by saying that I think out of the inks I got at LA, this is the winner.



I don't think this is one of my better splashes.


If you're seeing blues and purples in this, you are not insane. The ink, however, is so mind-boggleingly complex that it's hard to describe the color. It also behaves extraordinarily well - it doesn't bleed except on the worst of papers, and doesn't feather. No water resistance to note of, however. It also may feel dry in pens with less flow.

It sheens a strange purple, but of the matte sort. No Majestic blue/PPS going on here.

Pen used: Conklin 2NL with a Platinum nib


Staples Bagasse paper; quote from Giacomo Joyce







Kokuyo loose leaf; continuation of above quote







Daiso blue-covered notebook; very ink resistant/sheeny paper. Poem is "die mondshaf" by Christian Morgenstern







maruman mnemosyne; Continuation of poem



Mandatory Inky.

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Excellent review of a very interesting color. We are certainly in the Golden Age of inks.

And isn't it a great adventure? I have purchased close to 20 inks in the past month & am just as happy with each arrival as I can be. Trying the new inks in "old friend" pens makes it a wonderful way to cope with winter weather.

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Oooh. Waaaant! Must HAAAAAAVE!

I don't normally like browns that lean red (or burgundy inks, for that matter). But I like this one....

Sigh. I really need to stop reading ink reviews.... It always ends up as a case of "Danger, danger Will Robinson!"

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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I'm so glad I could try this one! I love it!

+1 It's somber enough for professional use but the mauve-y hint makes it fun. And it's very well behaved.

Life's too short to use crappy pens.  -carlos.q

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