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Noodler's (Fpn) Dumas Tulipe Noire


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FPN has some of it's own custom inks, made for them by Nathan Tardiff, aka Noodler's. As always, Noodler's inks have some kind of theme going on with the name, and this one is named after Alexandr Dumas' famous 1850 novel Tulipe Noire. Because it's written in French, it's especially famous in France. :)


Since there is no such flower as a Black Tulip, this ink follows the purple tulip. It's a really great "plum" color. There's really great handling with this ink. It's possible that in the right pen and on the right paper it will shade very well, but I've only gotten "ok" shading. But it's still a nice ink.


As usual for me, paper used was MvL=Mohawk via Linen, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, TR=Tomoe River.


This pic I think shows the ink as a bit darker than it really is. And to much blue.



This pic is better at representing the color.







Somewhat water-resistant. Due to the dye load, some washes away, but enough is left to be readable.


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Now with or without any differences in our charges (especially due to your drop on the kitchen towel), I see it like this:



That's on Rhodia 90 g/m2 paper and on my paper towel (not moist or wet or wetted later). Both colors here (at least on my screen, har har) look just like the original on paper (to my eyes).

Interesting and/or FWIW: the Tulipe is is not only very dark but also very saturated. The Black Swan in Australian Roses is not only much lighter, redder and quite unsaturated, it t is also much wetter than the Tulipe.

All in all, I find the Tulipe a much neater, fuller ink with more pizzazz. That swan is in comparison boring (IMO). As re charges: my Tulipe is 2 or 3 years old and my swan is from April 2012. Maybe it should be in an old folk's home.



Life is too short to drink bad wine (Goethe)

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My bottle of the Tulipe is from 2015, and it's not as dark as yours. It is closer to your BSiAR, but still darker.

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Thanks for the comparison, lapis. Though I think the BSiAR I have is more purple, this is a great reference point for Dumas.

On the "to-buy" list is goes!

Ink, a drug.

― Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister


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