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As I never seem to have much luck on the repair board, hopefully I can find an Onoto-experienced eye here.


Snagged a small group of pens from a "If it's in a Parker box it's a Parker" seller, but instead of a Platignum or whathaveyou in the box, somewhat to my trepidation find myself the owner of a De La Rue "Onoto the Pen" with the model number 3050 imprinted on the blind cap. Well I never expected one of these to swim into my ken, so I've perforce been taking a crash course in these pens and established what I need to do to, hopefully, get it working. Despite a copy of Pen Repair, various threads and articles, I have a couple of queries I hope someone could help me with. Viz:


a. The plunger rod is not entirely straight; it's not wildly bent, but it is slightly off. Is this going to be a problem?


b. Despite Custom Pen Parts efforts, I'm not absolutely sure what this pen counts as in their identification table. Tend to assume "Standard", but the barrel length is a bit off, however I don't know how variable those can be. I've tried to find information on understanding Onoto model numbers and approach it from that angle, but no dice. Which size washer does this 3050 need?


Any other tips, pointers, information on this pen, all very gratefully received. Thank you muchly. I wouldn't say I'm out of my depth here, but I'm having to paddle pretty vigorously!


Cheers, Al

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I've repaired about 25 or so Onotos including several 3050s. Just contact Roger at Custom Pen Parts he's excellent.


As for the bent rod, these are made from BHR with a steel core; you could try warming it up and bending it straight with care. If you are lucky enough to succeed, you will have distorted the BHR. Just warm it up again without touching it and it should recover its shape.


The seals are the standard ones that go into the 56xx and 6xxx series.


You will need the correct tools to do the overhaul including a tapered punch to remove the feed and nib. It's worth buying either the pen Repair Manual or if you can get one the Onoto repair manual - I bought mine from Onoto.


Good luck



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Ah Cob, you've come to save my bacon again - thank you.


Hmm. The bend in the rod is very minimal and I suspect I have a 100% chance of making it worse if I try and correct it. I will proceed under the assumption that it will work, and follow your advice if it doesn't.


As to the washers, I mis-guessed so just as well to ask. Seems like this pack will do the necessary.


Cool. Thanks, Cob!

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I should also add thanks to Roger at Custom Pen Parts who sent me the necessary with all dispatch. Well actually a bit more than necessary - seemed silly not to get a couple of Pelikan nib collars "just in case" while I was at it. We're very fortunate to have such a source for these pen-saving parts. :thumbup:


(The photo flatters, btw - needless to say the BHR parts are rather more BrownHR...)

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Congratulations on your pen, I am a keen collector of vintage Onotos. Roger is a wonderful resource to have and I think very highly of him. Great pen

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