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Globe D'or In Three Sizes


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Other than a brief mention on Richard Binder's site, I really can't find anything about these pens.


There are French

Filling is with a standard button filler and pressure bar

The largest has an 18K nib with the Globe D'Or logo

The middle is apparently WWII era with a steel nib marked Globe D'or and 1944 with a ribbon banner motif

The smallest pen is imprinted Atoma (I assume atom for the small size). The nib is a warranted 18K. So likely French, but not clear if original.








fpn_1455582139__globe_dor_trio_06.jpg fpn_1455582747__globe_dor_trio_22.jpg

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Never come across this brand before, very nice looking pens. They seem to have a little more experience with them at stylo-plume.org (in french!).

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