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Pilot 912 - Difference Between Sfm And Sm? And Thoughts On C (Inc. Vs. Bb)?


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I am on a RAMPAGE (yes, I am shouting) of buying Pilot 912s. I bought the PO, which is a dream in the hand. I already have oh-so-many Pilots which, for various reasons, cover all but 6 of the 15 (!) choices. I am ABSOLUTELY buying an MU, a SU, and a FA, leaving the SFM, the SM, and the C. So:


1] I'd be grateful to know about any personal experiences regarding the difference between the SFM and the SM, ideally on pens larger than the 74/91 size (which is a very different writing experience, at least for me.) Yes, I have seen the Pilot chart, and the samples chart at Cronicas Estilograficas, but impressions from people who've actually used pens with both nibs would be an enormous help.


2] What am I missing about the C? Part of it is, I have a BB on my 845, which makes a fat, wet, but supremely elegant line. (I also have a C on a Platinum President, but that's a different experience.) I know the C is wider than the BB, and if less elegant, well, I love a brash pen, but it appears more like a Sharpie than a fountain pen.


As I've said, I've plenty of Pilots which cover everything else, plus plenty more by other manufacturers, so please don't go to the unnecessary trouble of suggesting different alternatives. I'd really just like to know what you've found when you've written with these. And I hope I don't have to add that I'm aware it's subjective, I won't feel led astray if I end up buying something and not agreeing, and blah blah blah. Thanks to all!

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Have the SM on CH92 and the SFM on a CH912. In my case, I find the SM to be softer, wetter and wider than the SFM, It write more like a wet Lamy medium and than a Japanese medium, not that I don't like it.


The CH912 write more like a Japanese medium, is moderately wet and easy to control for every day writing. This and a 912 SU make it into rotation often.

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I can barely tell the difference between the FM, SFM, M, and SM nibs.

The practical effect is that my lines get slightly wider from nib to nib, but the contrast between them is so slight as to be within a rounding error of each other.


You're right, the C nib is like a Sharpie pen. It feels to me more like an artist's nib than a writer's nib.

Scientia potentia est.

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I own both the CH912 SF and SM (took advantage of erroneous price tags), and I've had the chance to try the SFM extensively. From my perspective, the SFM doesn't justify itself, because by changing ink/paper you can mimic the SFM behaviour with both nibs.

Before making it an italic, the SM was a wonderful standard nib. Wet, quite soft and with personality.

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I have the SFM on my C74 and the SM on one of my 912s.


The C47 SFM gives a little more line variation (if you care about that) as it starts thinner and swells to nearly the same size as the SM. Yes, I know it is not a flex pen but for the very occasional very gentle swell you can easily do it. I don't. but you can if careful.


The SM is wetter and for everyday writing is what I prefer.


Both are fantastic. Both seem to prefer Pilot inks as did my 912 SU, which I still struggle with. The Pilot SU nibs are stubs made by people who don't use stubs but read about them in a book. haha. They are pretty unforgiving till they are broken in or tuned. The nib is very boxy and while the corners might be smoothed out that bottom lip of the nib is a weirdly sharp. Stubs are my thing. I have dozens of them vintage, modern, factory or nibmiestered (the usual names) and I will say the Pilot SU nib is kind of a bear. Looks great, almost as sharp as an Italic but really could use a kiss or two on the grinding wheel. I had heard that SU nibs were too soft and rounded. I am personally not finding that to be the case with mine. It is getting better as I use it though and it really does work better with Pilot ink.


Like you, I am bonkers for the 912. It isn't the best looking pen (kind of dull really) but the nib options and the Con70 ink capacity are great and I feel like the 912 fits in my hand really well. The size and shape of the section are really pleasing. My wallet is happy they don't make more finishes, colors, etc. Though the music nib is calling me....

Looking for a cap for a Sheaffer Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe Fat version

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That's interesting... the Pilot SU is the first stub nib I've ever used, and it's always been a little difficult.


I figured that's just what stubs are like... but it sounds like I need some more experience with stub nibs from other companies.


I'm looking forward to trying the CH 912. I have a CH 91, and it feels fantastic in my hand, but it would be nice if the nib were a little larger.

Scientia potentia est.

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Thanks, everybody! (And sorry not to offer them sooner.) As I am a sucker for line variation, ink-syringe's comment on the SFM whets my appetite. On the other hand, that's on a #5 nib. I get a smooth, wet(-enough) line from my delicious 845 with BB nib, plus I just got the 912SU and the 912MU is on the way, so medium-to-broads are somewhat covered. I have fines up the wazoo, starting with my 912PO (HIGHLY recommended,) original Falcon, original Elabo, original Justus, two new metal Falcons, a new Elabo, a new Justus, plus I have a 912FA likewise on the way... I like Pilots. So I figured a 912SFM would fill the gap (like there's really a gap,) and bought one, which is likewise likewise on the way. As for the 912SU, I think it writes like a dream, BUT, I have stubs galore, so I'm used to them. A stub looks like it'll write similarly (if that's a word) to a cursive italic, but it's rather different. I think maybe it's a question of breaking your hand in, as it were. Thanks again!


(Oh, head's up: When I'm officially allowed to sell things in the classifieds -- I'm a new member, and I think you have to be on for awhile and maybe post a bunch of messages first -- I'll be getting rid of a 74 in green with a MU nib, and a 742 in burgundy or whatever they call it with a FA. Haven't set prices yet. If you really want them, maybe it's not against the rules to PM me with a request for first refusal, but if it is, PLEASE don't, I wanna be a good citizen.)

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As for the 912SU, I think it writes like a dream, BUT, I have stubs galore, so I'm used to them. A stub looks like it'll write similarly (if that's a word) to a cursive italic, but it's rather different. I think maybe it's a question of breaking your hand in, as it were.



Mine is a dream too. A bad dream. heh.


Yeah. I have probably 25+ stubs in my pen cabinet. I almost always use stubs for everyday writing. I have factory stubs and nibmistered pens, vintage and modern from .5 to 15mm stubs. Sheaffer, Parker, Waterman, Aurora, etc. & co.


& I am old.

& I take notes long hand at work all day.

(did I mention I am old?)


I am quite used to stubs.

& I am a huge Pilot booster (my favorite modern brand probably, so I am not trying to besmirch them)


But the Pilot stubs are tough in my experience. All the ones I tried in Japan were like this but I thought I could get used to it or whatever (okay, I just love the CH912) but honestly this is harder and less forgiving than most of my italic nibs.


If I were to buy one again I would get one from someone who was a nib tech to be sure. As it is, this one goes in the "someday send to nib tech" box. I barely use it. I have too many great Sheaffer stubs on hand to suffer through trying to break this thing in.

Looking for a cap for a Sheaffer Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe Fat version

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Guess I got lucky, then. Hmmm. Well, hope you enjoy it once you've sent it to nib tech. (I have so many pens in my own variation on that box I don't know where to begin, so I just take it out of the drawer once in awhile, look through it weeping, and put it back.)

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