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Mini Landscapes To Practice Drawing With Pen


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I have created over 20 mini landscapes that can be used to practice drawing with pen if you have never done it before. They are really fun to do and can be completed in little time. I also provide 'templates' with faint outline of the drawings that can be printed and used as a starting point. Fully illustrated step by step tutorials are also available to help you with your attempt.

As a pen and ink artist, my aim is to help people discover the joy of doing simple drawings with pen as a creative and relaxing hobby. I invite you to try some of them today. Any thoughts on the content and suggestion for improvement is most welcome.

You can access them here





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Thank you for sharing Rahul.


I just started playing around with drawing in both pen and pencil. I've been using a Pilot Metropolitan with Noodlers Borealis Black ink. I just got the book "Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner".


I'd love to know what pens and inks you use?

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