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Comparison Of Platinum #3376 & Platinum President


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2 minutes ago, dave321 said:

where in the uk do you get aprice of£99 for a 3776 ?  seems very cheap


You're replying there to a post from over five and a half years ago. Platinum Pen in Japan itself has raised the MSRP of the entry-level, gold-nibbed #3776 Century (Black in Black, Chartres Blue, and Bourgogne) models from ¥10,000+tax to ¥15,000+tax in two steps in the meantime. You can hardly expect to see those prices you quoted in today's market. 

I endeavour to be frank and truthful in what I write, show or otherwise present, when I relate my first-hand experiences that are not independently verifiable; and link to third-party content where I can, when I make a claim or refute a statement of fact in a thread. If there is something you can verify for yourself, I entreat you to do so, and judge for yourself what is right, correct, and valid. I may be wrong, and my position or say-so is no more authoritative and carries no more weight than anyone else's here.

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Cult pens - it was a few years back, but they have occasional sales with betweeen 10-20% off Platinum pens.


With fountain pen day coming soon, you might get lucky.  

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I am glad I got a Platinum President in 2007 and paid $120 for it.  I really like how it writes, but it is a bit plain, in just black.




Using right now:

Pelikan M101N "M" nib running Leonardo Officina Italiana Blue

Pineider La Grande Belleza Rocco "F" nib running J. Herbin 1670 Hematite Red

Pilot Custom 74 "F" nib running Waterman Green


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12 hours ago, manolo said:

Just to add that the 3776 is a bit too small for my hand, I had to sell the Bourgogne I bought, so the President's size is perfect for me and it is also a light pen that posts well but can be used unposted....so I really like it, very-very comfortable.

Yes, the President has not the slip&seal, but never dries. Yes, the material of the body feels less substantial than other's, but mine has been extensively used and remains as new. 

I compared it some years ago with the Sailor 1911 full size and the latter lost the comparison, and was sold. I never regretted that decision.

I admit I never really liked the design of the President's nib, and I concur with some of you in that it does not fit - design wise - the Izumo line. The Izumo, for its price, should have a dedicated nib, at least the engraving.


And about the nib behaviour....The B nib in my President is amongst the 3 best in my collection. Just the perfect width, perfect flow and a bit of feedback, wonderful feeling when I write with it. Now they are phasing the pen out and I will miss it, so I think will be looking for a black-rhodium version with M nib at a good price.

Small update to my complaining 'review' of the President on this vintage thread (perhaps given new life by the President's passing): I agree with Manolo.  Writing incessantly with this pen for days in the line of duty, I now love it. Yes, the barrel does feel 'plasticky' (compared to, say, the Pilot 743), yes, the cap threads bicker constantly with the threads on the section.  But it's a great pleasure to write with (I have a M). I am taking to heart Manolo's assurance that the cap provides a good seal (bickering threads or no), and that the body wears well.  I'd called this my first 'pen mistake' or 'pen disappointment' - I'll now retract this. It's a great scribbler, as well as a great writer.

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