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Hi everyone

I have loved fountain pens since secondary school bk in early 2000s with my huge lamy since then I have always wanted to reown one but alas life happened

so im a complete noobie and would love to learn more on them

One day my partner surprised me with a hand made custom pen to which he won't tell me where or how much but it did kick my fountain pen hand into wanting more I have Parker vector with 3 nibs and the 4 pilot parallels now looking into lamy as that was my first pen but like the look cross watermans Twisbi pilot

I have natural slant joined handwriting but I write with the paper landscape and write up if u get me

I'm wondering if there is anyone who could advise me on techniques to write calligraphy or copperplate as there are no fountain pen clubs groups closer to me than 40/5 miles as the videos I've seen write with paper portrait I tried that omg it was funny my natural slant was backwards all different hights

I have since bought learn calligraphy by Margaret Shepherd looking to buy her copperplate book too

Think it's a case of practice practice practice

Sorry for the essay

Speak soon


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Hello and welcome to FPN.

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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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Thank you so much x

Nice to see u all I haven't had chance to see everything here has to offer but wow so many nice ppl to talk to

I can't seem to update my profile picture ect as I don't know what an url is lol I'm used to just click here to upload so much easier

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Hello and welcome! There is a group of forums categorized as "Creative Expressions" which include discussions on handwriting and calligraphy. Be sure to check it out as it may help your quest. To add a profile photo, click "Edit my Profile" on your Profile page, then click "Change my Photo" at the top, and then you will see an option to upload a photo from your computer (just above the option to use a url to do so that you've referred to). Good luck!

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Hello and a very warm welcome to you

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