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Aurora 75Th Anniversary Troubles


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Hi, I'm William and I'm in Brisbane Australia.


I found this group while googling for a solution to problems with my 75th Anniversary Aurora fountain pen. Glad to have joined and I hope someone can help.


I bought my Aurora 75th anniversary fountain pen decades ago. It's been unused for a long time. Here is the problem.


1) When I cap the pen, the tip of the nib hits the inside of the cap and pushes the nib out of alignment.


2) I can see this because the nib is rotated slightly on the feeder, and there are marks on the plastic inside the cap.


3) I have tested this by re-aligning the nib/feeder and capping the pen. Same problem.

4) The nib and feeder are inserted into the pen body as far as possible (I remember this when I first bought the pen). The text "Aurora" below the "750" abuts the body of the pen.


5) I suspect the threaded section inside the cap has been moved up and into the cap - pen dropped while capped perhaps - thereby leaving insufficient "headroom" for the nib.


6) How do I pull the threaded section inside the cap outwards a bit ?


Kind regards, William.

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I think the 75th Anniversary is basically an Optima. I have one; it is one of the best engineered and built pens I own. Love it. I notice that the tip of the nib comes within about 1mm or less of the cap end when capped. So the smallest problem here would result in the nib touching the cap end. First, is the nib-feeder unit screwed all the way in? If it is, the collar on the unit is perfectly flush with the pen body. I would take it out, clean threads, and put it back in. It is easily removable by twisting. The nib length is 22.3 mm.If the nib is longer than this, maybe it somehow got loose from the feed. Mine is so tight it could not rotate.


If that is OK, it sounds like the cap or body threads are messed up and need repair. That is hard to happen because the cap has a thin metal ring on its end, and the barrel has a mating ring, so the joint is metal to metal.


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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


Can't help with the pen as I don't have that model. You might want to post in the Italian Pens forum to get a wider number of folks that might know the answer. Again Welcome!


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I can't answer your question but I can welcome you to this group and assure you that you will enjoy your time here.

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Hello and welcome to FPN.

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Hi William,


Looks like you have a great start to your collection. Hope you can get your problem resolved; I think this is a great place to look for an answer.


-- One of the many new members making an introduction today. :)

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If it is a tight fit, as noted, there would be little space in the cap depth for the nib. However, it would be adequate, unless someone drops the pen and damages one thread of the cap/section.


I suggest having it checked by an expert before the problem is exacerbated.

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