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Rhodia Price Hike?


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Maybe this is old news, but has anyone notice a big price hike on Rhodia paper, specifically the pads? I remember I used to be able to find them for under $6 two years ago, and now on Amazon I can't find it sub $10. Even at Goulet it is now as expensive as the Clairefontaine Triomphe paper.

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Yes, it does seem to cost more than it used to to enjoy Rhodia products. I just bought one of the new Rhodiarama notebooks for $20. These come in a wide range of beautiful colors - not the usual Rhodia orange. On the first page it says the paper is by Clairefontaine - and it is indeed awesome paper - much better than most Moleskines I've used. Has Clairefontaine always made paper for Rhodia? I don't know. Maybe that accounts for the price hike?



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Clairefontaine bought over Rhodia couple of years back, I think in 2010.


However, IIRC, Rhodia paper comes from the same source as before (ie, prior to Clairefontaine's purchase)


I'm not too sure how Rhodia prices have fluctuated over the years as I'm relatively new to the FP scene - say 1.5 years in.


Still, Rhodia represents good value to me, given how long I take to go through nice paper. Plus, over here it's three times cheaper than G.Lalo.




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