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Pittsburgh Club Meeting

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Okay, so it's a new year! Time for a meeting! Tuesday, January 26, at 7PM. We'll meet at the Panera in Bakery Square, on Penn Avenue! I hope to see you all with your holiday (and Philadelphia pen show) swag!


Joshua Sasmor


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I'll try to make it as my first time there if I can, just started my 2nd semester at PTI so I'm usually pretty busy. Being able to make it or not depends entirely on my school workload at the time, when I was younger I really dropped the ball in highschool so now school is my #1 priority that I'm older (if I had made better decisions at a younger age I probably wouldn't be in college at 30yrs old and would have a nice job with a large fountain pen collection). My birthday is today so it would be a nice present to myself to get out and do something lol.

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