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Noodler's Ink Is Returning To Glass Bottles


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According to Luxury Brands, Noodler's is coming back in glass bottles as soon as the inventory of plastic ones has been depleted. If you like those plastic bottles, stock up while you can. The remaining inventory won't last long.

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Neat, and thanks. Might now have to wait till I send off my next order.


Mike :)

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I would love it if Nathan had found a cheap source of 3 oz Visconti glass mushrooms...


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Granny Aching

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Plus... their great thick, sturdy, exquisite, practical cardboard boxes...................................

Life is too short to drink bad wine (Goethe)

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That's great news. I hate the plastic bottles.

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I'll admit that I have not bought Noodler's ink in the hopes that glass bottles (of whatever shape) would come back. Not that I'm going without, mind you. It'll be a long while before I'm actually near the point of using up anything.

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For me it wasn't so much the switch to plastic bottles, rather, it was the choice to go with, to me, a very unattractive plastic bottle. I don't care much, my small Diamine bottles are plastic, they are fine. To me the Noodler's glass bottles remain both utilitarian and easier on the eyes.



I must give credit to Nathan and Noodler's philosophy and sticking to it.

I like the product as well.

Be Happy, work at it. Namaste

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I'll admit that I have not bought Noodler's ink in the hopes that glass bottles (of whatever shape) would come back. Not that I'm going without, mind you. It'll be a long while before I'm actually near the point of using up anything.



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Do they look different from the original glass bottles?

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Very happy about this. I was worried that the plastic bottles would not be air-tight enough, and there would be evaporation (the way there often is with ink cartridges). And let's face it -- I was also worried about grabbing one of those instead of a vitamin bottle some morning when I wasn't really quite awake.... :rolleyes:

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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I too prefer the aesthetics of glass vs plastic. The unique labels Noodler's provides point to the care and thought that goes into even the bottle, and glass seems much more appropriate and fitting.


That said, I have not experienced or seen reported any negatives associated with keeping ink in a plastic bottle. The only advantage I can think of is that perhaps the additional heft of glass makes it less prone to tipping over, (but the only bottle of ink I ever spilled was a glass bottle from Noodlers. :blush: ) Are there any issues I'm missing? I have several bottles of Chesterfield ink in plastic bottles and they seem to work fine. Is there any technical reasons that glass is better?


Dayton, OH

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The original manufacturer went out of business, Nathan had to find a new supplier - that is the reason why he went with plastic, until he could find another supplier.

The only reason to go for glass is that it is not porous - plastic invariably is, but we are talking about very long timespans here anyway :).


Actually, for shipping plastic is much more convenient: it doesn't break as easily, and it is cheaper to ship as well, especially overseas :).


We have had a few "accidents" with our FPN inks - very messy when a bottle breaks, I can assure you :).

Warm regards, Wim

the Mad Dutchman
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Frankly, I wonder how long he'll stick with the 3oz bottles.

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