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This is Kaweco Royal Blue ink. I used it when I was reviewing the ART Sport Lapis because the ink goes nicely with that pen.

My Lapis wrote straight out of the box when fitted with the Royal Blue cartridge. I had no problems with hard starting or skipping. The flow was great from the start. I also found this ink lubricated the nib very well.
It's a quick drying ink, but it doesn't feel dry to write with.
This ink isn't waterproof, but is quite water resistant. It doesn't stain fingers.
Royal Blue is a really attractive green shade that compares well against many popular similar royal blue types. It is a really well behaved ink and I can highly recommend it as a top quality ink.
You might still find some older bottles of Kaweco Royal Blue ink. The old and new inks are a very similar colour despite the cartridge pack colours being different. However, you can tell if you have one of the newer bottles or packs of cartridges because the name of the ink is now printed on the bottle labels or cartridge packs. Kaweco cartridges are also now impressed with the Kaweco brand name.
Kaweco ink is made in Austria. It is readily available in 30ml bottles or packs containing 6 standard international sized cartridges.
All new Kaweco pens come with a Royal Blue cartridge inside their barrels.
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I discovered it by using one of the cartridges that come with Kaweco pens. I was quite surprised by its quality. It has a good flow, good saturation, it is lubricated. These inks are not talked about too much, I think it's underrated.
I understand that manufacturers match their inks to their nibs. Normally, EFs are more problematic. I just used a Kaweco Sport EF for the first time and it works great with Kaweco Blue. I have already ordered two 50 ml bottles of Kaweco ink, one in royal blue and one in midnight blue. We'll see if this one goes as well as the royal blue.


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