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Recommendation For Wax Stamp And Seal

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I'm helping plan a high school prom and it has been discussed to use a wax seal on our ticket envelopes. Is there any recommended kits and brands? It's probably only going to be used once, but we something simple and reliable. Any suggestions?‹

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Mustom (Forderly Red Comma) might make a wax stamp of your school or class logo. Check photos in posts on FPN to see whether the ones they make would suit you.

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I've used sealing wax on personal correspondence; it's fun and decorative and can be a unique experience for the recipient. It takes about 3 minutes to do a single envelope. I can get it down to about 90 seconds each if I've got four or five. But mass producing sealing wax invitations sounds like a big job. Could be frustrating and a bit dangerous.


You can get custom adhesive-backed foil seals from many printing shops or mail order. They can be stylish or dumb, depends on the design.


There are wax sealing kits that use a glue gun to melt the wax stick instead of a flame.



Getting a custom engraved seal is not expensive:




And you can get peel and stick wax seals that require no heat:



You can't get a lot of detail in the die so lower your expectations for the complexity of the design.


Please revisit the forum and tell us how your project ended up. Luck and have fun.

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