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This review was what made me decide on a music nib first over a soft fine. I've been loving my 1.1 goulet stub in an ahab, a 1.0 stub from a plumix stuffed into my metropolitan, and my fude-de-mannen sailors, I wanted a music nib for everyday writing since I tend to have a very block handwriting when printing similar to yours, and fine-EF nibs just don't look good for anything but cursive for me. I was somewhat interested in the 3776 music but couldn't find it for the similarly low $75-80 range that the soft fine 74, 91, and platinum 3776 could be had for, but when I came across the 74 music for $85, I was sold.


I'm also very happy that it's softer than the 3776's nail-hardness. I don't particularly care how glassy a nib is, I like them to be softer and springy. My 1940's 14k venus and schaffer's are both pretty firm but still have enough give to be pleasant. This is my first modern gold nib purchase, so I'll be curious how it performs (along with a hero 200a that hasn't arrived yet)

Selling a boatload of restored, fairly rare, vintage Japanese gold nib pens, click here to see (more added as I finish restoring them)

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