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Ranga And Psp-Ranga Models Restocked


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We've just received an order from Ranga that we've been waiting for for a few weeks. The heavy rains and flooding in Thiruvallur, India made it very hard for Mr. Pandurangan to make pens!


Models & Colors Re-stocked:


Model 3 - Blue and White Premium ebonite

Model 4C - Blue and White Premium ebonite

Bamboo - Premium ebonite Solid Green, Green Yellow, Blue Green Orange

Slim Bamboo- Smooth Black, Green Ripple, Brown Ripple

PSP Zayante - Blue Ripple ebonite, Red & White "Koi" acrylic, Blue & White Premium ebonite and Green Solid Premium ebonite


(Pens with the PSP designation are models which are exclusive to Peyton Street Pens and based on our designs.)


We also have new premium ebonite colors for the Slim Bamboo model -- solid blue, solid orange, solid pink


Coming soon: a new PSP Ranga design for JoWo nibs ....


Thanks for looking!



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