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Notebook For Students (Muji B5 6Mm Lined)


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Hi, I am currently a student in college. I would like to share this notebook that I recently bought. This is the MUJI Notebook B5 with 6mm ruling.










Relatively cheap, about $11-$12 for five notebooks right now. However, I bought it with a cheaper price.

Reasonable size for note taking (B5), similar to a composition notebook.

No bleed-through, at least I don't see any.

Minimal show-through, writing on both sides is possible.

Simple design, no logos or markings on the notebook cover.



Some feathering with certain inks. In my case, the Nemosine Singularity with Noodler's La Couleur Royale.

The corners of the notebook may bend easily.


Things to be aware of:

The color and texture of the notebook feel like Fabriano EcoQua, cream colored and with some texture.

It's a lined notebook.

The drying time depends on the ink and pen. My Pilot Cavalier F dried more slowly than my Pilot 78G B did.

This is a bound notebook. It will lay flat as the binding breaks in, or you can just exert some force to make it lay flat.

The 6mm ruling could be too narrow for some people.

There are only 30 sheets/60 pages in one notebook.


I recommend using drier inks with a fine nib, although the Pilot 78G B with Noodler's Kiowa Pecan performed well, but I don't think a broad nib is suitable for such narrow ruling.


I hope you find this useful!




Currently inked: Platinum #3776, Pilot Decimo, TWSBI Eco, Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen

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Thanks for this review! I'm on the scout for a B5 style notebook to do some fiction writing in. 30 sheets is a little short for my needs, but this was useful and relevant to my interests! :thumbup:

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You guys should give Mnemosyne a shot, they have a plethora of different sizes and varieties even index cards. The price is reasonable and the paper is extremely fountain pen friendly, I don't like spirals but I bought it because I heard it was good. Definitely was worth the money I'm planning on finishing it before I officially start using my Seven Seas Standard.

Here is a great video showing the wide range of notebooks available, they are quite minimalistic which I find quite nice.



Thanks for this review! I'm on the scout for a B5 style notebook to do some fiction writing in. 30 sheets is a little short for my needs, but this was useful and relevant to my interests! :thumbup:

I believe the sheet count is 85 for the B5 size, I'm positive you will love it. :D Edited by ItwasLuck

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